6 Easy Ways To Ensure Fall Prevention At Home

Getting older can mean facing new challenges, but that doesn’t mean you have to succumb to them. Safe living is all about staying one step ahead and preparing for the inevitable changes your body is going to make. Falling at home can be a very serious accident, but also a very preventable one. Below we have compiled some easy to follow advice so you can avoid making a potentially life-changing accident.

Avoid creating cluttered rooms

Narrowing down on what you keep in your home can be crucial to making it a spacer place to live. Having a lot of odds and ends building up in tight areas can subject you to tripping and falling over them. Avoid collecting too many items, and make sure you dispose or give away the things that you are not using anymore.

Install grab bars around your home

Grab bars can save your life. They are easy to install and make the difference between hurting yourself and keeping your health. Grab bars will keep you one step ahead of everything will always be there for you when you least expect you’ll need them.

Move into a one floor home

As you get older, stairs become increasingly more difficult obstacle for you. Even if you feel confident in your balance, a slip up on the stairs can lead to serious injury or even death. Downsizing to a smaller, more manageable space leaves you with less square footage to navigate and an easy walk into the bedroom at night.

Move slowly and gingerly around the home

Get in the habit of watching your step everywhere you go. Move slowly and precisely around and make sure you are paying close attention to different elements on the floor such as, water or an unseen object you might trip over. Try to walk close to the walls for extra support and always try to be within reach of a grab bar, if you have them installed.

Always wear traction soled shoes

Slipping on a flat surface is always a possibility, especially if your balance isn’t as strong as it once was. The good news is, there are plenty of options for shoes that support safer and more comfortable walking. Try wearing sneakers around instead of slippers or socks, and never walk about barefoot.

Consider physical therapy

Going to weekly physical therapy can significantly improve your balance and help strengthen your leg and upper body muscles. We offer plenty of physical therapy classes that can change your life and make you more mobile. Call us today for a free consultation, and find out how seeing a physical therapist can benefit you.

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