The Role of In-Home Occupational Therapy

At Healing Hearts Home Health, we depend on a wide range of professionals to deliver exceptional care to our patients. We work with a number of talented occupational therapists to help patients manage their conditions and provide feedback to other healthcare professionals on our staff. Demand for occupational therapists has increased rapidly in recent years. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there are nearly 130,000 occupational therapists in the United States. One of the factors driving growth in this profession is an aging population. Occupational therapists work in a variety of settings. Although most of them work in a clinical environment, others seek employment in the home healthcare industry. Nearly 12,000 specialize in in-home occupational therapy. Our occupational therapists play an invaluable role in delivering the home healthcare services that we provide. Physicians identify the needs of each patient and let Healing Hearts Home Health know, so our occupational therapists can accommodate their needs. Our services are covered by Medicare, so they are available to all seniors. Some of the benefits of in-home occupational therapy are listed below.

services that our occupational therapists offer.Around 80% of seniors over the age of 65 take at least two prescription medications. Half of seniors in this age group take four or more medications.Unfortunately, many seniors don’t know how to take their medications properly. One survey found that two-thirds of seniors did not know what time of day they were supposed to take them. Another 50% have difficulty recalling whether they took their medication at all.This is a serious concern that our occupational therapists can help with. They can teach their patients proper medication management techniques to keep track of their dosages and ensure they take the medication at the right time of day.

Diabetes management

A significant number of our patients are diagnosed with diabetes. The American Diabetes Association estimates that 25.2% of seniors over the age of 65 struggle with this disease, so helping patients manage it is one of our top priorities.Our occupational therapists can help patients manage their symptoms more effectively. We can help patients monitor blood sugar levels, plan meals and get the necessary physical activity to keep the disease in check. They can also help patients manage diabetes with medication and insulin. Our occupational therapists can coordinate with the M.D. and other members of the patient’s treatment team if the condition progresses or blood sugar levels are not being regulated with current doses.

 Heart and pulmonary disease management

 Many of our patients also suffer from heart and pulmonary disease. Our occupational therapists can help them manage these symptoms at home. They will help patients find a balance between conserving energy and getting plenty of physical activity to keep the disease in check. Our therapists know what types of exercises are best for patients experiencing these illnesses, without putting too much strain on their cardiovascular system. We help patients monitor their weights and make important lifestyle changes to manage cardiac and pulmonary diseases.

 Training home care aides

Occupational therapists can provide very helpful services to patients at home. However, many of the more routine services are provided by home aides. Home aides can be very helpful for improving the quality of life for every patient. However, they need to be properly trained to and understand the unique needs of those under their care.Our occupational therapists provide exceptional training to home health aides under our care. They build a custom care plan and communicate it to the aides on the treatment team.

Our Occupational Therapists Offer Excellent Services to Patients Living at Home

Our occupational therapists play an important role in-home health care. Patients can depend on them to teach the skills they need to stay healthy and be as self-sufficient as possible. If you are looking for an occupational therapist to assist you or your loved one, please don't hesitate to reach out to Healing Hearts Home Health. We offer a free consultation, and will match you with a caring, highly trained professional. We also accept payments via Medicare, giving more people access to much needed treatment. 

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